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Previous Next. Read more. Incidence of ICD in the Russian Federation Screening for prostate cancer: modern presentation and organization Primary multiple transitional cell epithelium Androgenic BPH a Syktyvkar in BPH a Syktyvkar over 50 years. The role of stem cells in the treatment of urinary incontinence Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy in infected urine Testicular Prosthesis in Children and Adolescents: Results from a Multicenter Study Premature ejaculation is the current state of the problem.

Alternative methods of treatment of localized prostate cancer Partial doubling of the urethra: paraurethral motion Comparative review of disposable flexible ureteronephroscope. The prevalence of symptoms of impairment of the function of the lower urinary tract in men according to the results of a population study Patient-centered system of organization of medical care in BPH a Syktyvkar using Predicting the development of erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases Prognostic factors of survival of patients with prostate cancer.

Recommendations for the treatment of prostate cancer with the help of high-power interstitial radiation therapy brachytherapy. Radioisotope lymphoscintigraphy with PCa Metabolic risk factors and formation of urinary stones Ureteral amputation in the performance of contact ureterolithotrypsy. The possibility of reducing the risk of recurrence of nephrolithiasis. Preliminary results of a multicenter study of prostate cancer Analysis of specialized medical care for patients with gross hematuria, renal colic.

Techniques for preserving continence after robot-prostatectomy The protective partial nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma. The analysis of the accuracy of factors for the survival predictiry after radical cystectomy BPH a Syktyvkar status in pathients with recurrent urinary tract infection.

Neuroendocrine differentiation in cancer prostate. The role of viruses in carcinogenesis of bladder cancer. The role of distance education in improving primary health care professionals. Comparative analysis of the results of cancer radical retropubic and robot-assisted prostatectomy. Experience of clinical and economical treatment cancer patients Comparison of analysis details for open, laparoscopic and robot-assisted nephrectomy in the.

Medical and economic BPH a Syktyvkar of a comprehensive BPH a Syktyvkar program-stage diagnosis and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Uronephrological morbidity and mortality in Russia in Androgens and chronic ischemia PCA3 test-system: first results. First results of standardized programme for BPH diagnosis and treatment Evaluation of serum Chromogranin A levels in different prostatic diseases Retarded ejaculation is a rare diagnosis. Distance education in urology brachytherapy prostate cancer Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular The incidence of kidney stones HIFU-treatment of local recurrence of cancer Non-prostatic sources of prostate Risk factors for the development of the urolithiasis in patients with the metabolic syndrome.

BPH a Syktyvkar and economic analysis of the surgical treatment BPH a Syktyvkar prostate BPH a Syktyvkar Brachytherapy prostate cancer: postimplantnaya dosimetry and dependence Simulation prostatic carcinogenesis. Kagancov I. Information about authors:. Introduction: Treatment of hypospadias is often associated with the great number of complications and, sometimes, multiple failed reoperations.

Changing approaches to hypospadias treatment with the BPH a Syktyvkar of the attitude towards the urethral plate give new opportunities in resolving this problem Materials and methods: Between andboys underwent the Graft tubularization of incised urethral plate GTIP.

There were 70 The average age of patients BPH a Syktyvkar the time ofsurgerywith the mid shaft hypospadias was Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests. Attachment Size Download KB. Keywords: children, hypospadias, Graft Tubularized Incised Plate. Other issue articles Treatment of neurogenic bladder dysfunction and secondary enuresis in children and adolescents.

Our experience in application of hexane extract of Serenoa Repens Permixon extract in case of chronic prostatitis. Comparison of the results of the correction of the median and proximal hypospadias in children using the Graft Tubularized Incised Plate method. International Classification.